Sunday, January 19, 2014

50 States Research Project

One of our writing objectives for the 3rd quarter is having the students complete a research project.  We decided to tie this in with social studies and have our students complete a research project on one of the 50 states.  We have 100 students in 2nd grade.  We're going to randomly assign states so we have projects about every state (2 students per state).  We are lucky to have our media specialist and our technology teacher helping with this project.

To kick off the project, we our going to share this Guess My State Trivia Game with the students.  The trivia questions include things such as state nickname, landmarks, geographical features, and other random facts.  These are some of the things we want them to include in their research projects.  Our other purpose for playing the game first is to get the students excited about states that they might not be familiar with.  They're all going to want to do Florida because of Disney World, but we want them to know that there are other fun states out there!

After the trivia game, they will be assigned their state.  Then they will take their state name to media with them and the media specialist will help them with their research.  Our school has a subscription to culturegrams so she is going to use that to start their research.  We expect this to take 2 class periods.

This is the organizer we are going to use.  We will print it front and back and then it will open like a pamphlet.

Since our students only have media once a week, it will take about 2 weeks for our students to finish the research.  While we are waiting for this to happen, we will be teaching about our other 3rd quarter objective - book reviews.  We will also teach the students how to write paragraphs using topic sentences.

Once the research is finished, we will teach the students how to write paragraphs using the information they gathered while researching.  During technology class, they will search for images to use to enhance their final product.  They will get a large piece of poster paper.  They will glue their written work in the middle of the poster paper and glue the images around the sides.  We think the students will complete an oral presentation after the projects are finished, but that hasn't been decided yet.

I am so excited to see how these projects turn out.  I will post pictures near the end of the quarter when the projects are finished.  Check back in March for these pictures!

The trivia game is available for purchase now.  The organizer will be available for purchase or to download at a later date.

What research projects do you have your students complete?

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