Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tech Tip Tuesday - 12/17

I'm back with your next Tech Tip Tuesday!

There are many websites out there with resources for teachers.  One website I have explored is Toon University.  This site links to other sites with worksheets and games based on grade level and concept.  You have to be careful because I found some broken links and some of the resources are members only.  With that being said, there are some good ones that are free.

Here is the list of second grade math concepts.  Many of them are members only, but there are a few free ones.


One game that I found is a coin counting machine.  This will be perfect for my 2nd grade students when we start to count coins up to one dollar.  The students are given a price and they have to drag the coins to make the price.  Once they are close to the price, they cannot drag an incorrect coin to the slide.  This is helpful because it won't let students submit the wrong answer.  They have to figure out what coin will make the correct answer.


What other resources do you have for counting coins?

I am taking the next 2 weeks off from posting a Tech Tip to focus on the holidays with my family.  So check back on January 7th for the next Tech Tip Tuesday!

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