Friday, September 27, 2013

9/27 - Five for Friday

As I was teaching today, I realized I had 5 things from this week that I could share on my blog for Five for Friday.  I've seen people doing these things often and I've wanted to participate but haven't been able to come up with 5 fun activities or things to share.  Thanks for the number pictures, Jen at Hello Literacy!

I introduced phonic phones to my below and on grade level reading groups this week.  They loved reading into the phones.  It was wonderful to see both groups so excited about reading.
I will continue to use the phones this year.  These ones are from the school, but you can buy PVC pipe and make your own.
I've been struggling trying to get my students to follow directions.  I use table points to reward my students.  The table with the most points at the end of the week earns a prize from the prize box.  I've been experimenting with the number of points I give out.  After talking with my principal, I tried a contest where the students could earn 20 points instead of just 1.  My students completed their work and were silent the whole entire time.  Each table earned 20 points.  The students were so excited but they didn't realize that they all earned the same amount so it didn't really matter.

Today I tried bonus star table points.  On the back of each post-it, I wrote a number ranging from 1 to 5.  I picked one student at the end of reading to earn bonus points for his table.  His table was very excited to earn 3 bonus points.  I have some other tricks up my sleeve that I will post once I try them with my students.

In math we were learning about odd and even numbers.  I showed my students Odd Todd and Even Steven on YouTube. They loved the song and it helped them remember the difference between odd and even.

One of my students started a behavior intervention this week.  I created a behavior chart that aligns with our PBIS school rules.  We set his goal in the morning and he picks a reward if he meets that goal.  It has definitely helped him with his behavior in school.  The notes in his planner have been positive instead of negative.  I am glad that this is working and he might not need it for very long.
The faces are great for primary students.  Each smiley face is worth 2 points, each straight face is worth one point, and each sad face is worth zero points.  Intermediate students can use the numbers instead of the faces.

My last idea goes along with the behavior chart above.  I created a task list for this student.  It helps him remember what he is supposed to do and it gives him a place to check off things when he finishes them.  The bottom of the task list gives him ideas of things to do when he needs a short break.  I am still trying to get a sand timer so he can be in charge of timing his breaks.
Currently, I have been filling out his task list for him.  I am hopeful that he will eventually be able to fill out the list for himself and become more independent.  He is only 7, so I know it will take time.

I hope you enjoyed my first Five for Friday!  I hope to do this again in the near future!

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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