Monday, September 30, 2013

Ziplock Bag Trick

I found a wonderful idea on someone's blog or pinterest (can't remember which) that I tried today.  I put a math center game in a ziplock bag and the kids could write on the bag with dry erase markers.  This was easier than laminating.  The marker came off easily and the added bonus of being able to keep all the materials for the game in one place made this an amazing tip.

I'm so glad I found it, but I'm wondering why I never thought of it!

Hope you have a wonderful week!
-Techie Turtle Teacher
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Friday, September 27, 2013

9/27 - Five for Friday

As I was teaching today, I realized I had 5 things from this week that I could share on my blog for Five for Friday.  I've seen people doing these things often and I've wanted to participate but haven't been able to come up with 5 fun activities or things to share.  Thanks for the number pictures, Jen at Hello Literacy!

I introduced phonic phones to my below and on grade level reading groups this week.  They loved reading into the phones.  It was wonderful to see both groups so excited about reading.
I will continue to use the phones this year.  These ones are from the school, but you can buy PVC pipe and make your own.
I've been struggling trying to get my students to follow directions.  I use table points to reward my students.  The table with the most points at the end of the week earns a prize from the prize box.  I've been experimenting with the number of points I give out.  After talking with my principal, I tried a contest where the students could earn 20 points instead of just 1.  My students completed their work and were silent the whole entire time.  Each table earned 20 points.  The students were so excited but they didn't realize that they all earned the same amount so it didn't really matter.

Today I tried bonus star table points.  On the back of each post-it, I wrote a number ranging from 1 to 5.  I picked one student at the end of reading to earn bonus points for his table.  His table was very excited to earn 3 bonus points.  I have some other tricks up my sleeve that I will post once I try them with my students.

In math we were learning about odd and even numbers.  I showed my students Odd Todd and Even Steven on YouTube. They loved the song and it helped them remember the difference between odd and even.

One of my students started a behavior intervention this week.  I created a behavior chart that aligns with our PBIS school rules.  We set his goal in the morning and he picks a reward if he meets that goal.  It has definitely helped him with his behavior in school.  The notes in his planner have been positive instead of negative.  I am glad that this is working and he might not need it for very long.
The faces are great for primary students.  Each smiley face is worth 2 points, each straight face is worth one point, and each sad face is worth zero points.  Intermediate students can use the numbers instead of the faces.

My last idea goes along with the behavior chart above.  I created a task list for this student.  It helps him remember what he is supposed to do and it gives him a place to check off things when he finishes them.  The bottom of the task list gives him ideas of things to do when he needs a short break.  I am still trying to get a sand timer so he can be in charge of timing his breaks.
Currently, I have been filling out his task list for him.  I am hopeful that he will eventually be able to fill out the list for himself and become more independent.  He is only 7, so I know it will take time.

I hope you enjoyed my first Five for Friday!  I hope to do this again in the near future!

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Math Center Activities

skip counting practice (2.NBT.2)
In math on Friday, I had my students rotate through different activities to review some of the NBT concepts that they have learned so far.  I made the rotations using index cards, but I started thinking that it would be a good activity to post on TPT.  The pictures are of my students using the index cards, but the activity on TPT can be printed on cardstock.

true/false compare numbers (2.NBT.4)
They loved the activity and it gave them a chance to practice the concepts without needing to write.  If you wanted to use it as a grade, you could have the students write their answers after using the cards.

Check out this activity on TPT.

standard, word, expanded form (2.NBT.3)

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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2.NBT.4, 2.NBT.8 quiz

Another busy Sunday of doing work and watching football.  I planned reading groups for this week, graded all my papers, and worked on my reference sheet for the information session I'm running on Tuesday morning.  I felt so stressed last week that I felt the need to get a lot done today.  Well, it worked.  I even made my math quiz for my team and formatted it to put on my TPT site.

Check it out if you're looking for a quiz for 2.NBT.4 and 2.NBT.8.  I even split it up so 2.NBT.4 is on the front and 2.NBT.8 is on the back.  This way it can be used separately if needed.

 Concepts on this quiz include:
Compare number statements (2.NBT.4)
Identify number statements as true or false (2.NBT.4)
Mentally add 10 or 100 to a number (2.NBT.8)
Mentally subtract 10 or 100 from a number (2.NBT.8)

An answer is included.  Go ahead and check it out!

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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Thursday, September 19, 2013

subject and predicate

My students have been learning about sentences last week and this week.  I found a wonderful activity on Mandy's Tips for Teachers.

The students watched Mr. Morton's subject and predicate song from Schoolhouse Rock.  They loved the song and were singing along!  We talked about what subjects and predicates are.

Then I used Mandy's activity to match the subjects and predicates.  My students loved making the sentences and identifying the subject and predicate.

I'm hoping my students use this information when they are writing sentences to make sure they write complete sentences.

Thanks Mandy for the idea!!

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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Sunday, September 15, 2013

Another new item - 2.NBT.1, 2.NBT.2, 2.NBT.3 Quiz

I've been busy today!  Just created a quiz for math.  It covers 2.NBT.1, 2.NBT.2, and 2.NBT.3 standards.

The concepts it covers are:
- Draw numbers two different ways
- Identify numbers in base ten form
- Write numbers in standard form, word form, and expanded form
- Skip count by 5s and 10s

The best part about the quiz is that it includes an answer key!

I'm sharing this with the other 2nd grade teachers in my building.  We are giving this quiz to our students on Tuesday.  I'm sure they will love having an answer key to go along with it to make for easy grading.

Enjoy and hop on over to my store if this is something you would like to use with your second grade students.

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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Second Grade Rocks

I just created our Back to School Night activity for this year, Second Grade Rocks.  We were tired of having the students write their parents a letter.  This year, the students get to color a face and write reasons why second grade rocks.  This ties into our bulletin board in our hallway that says "Second Grade Rocks" and has rocks with every student's name.

Use an 8.5 x 11 page of cardstock, fold it in half like a card, glue the face and written reason on the front, and then parents can write a message on the inside responding to the front.

I created many different variations on this product and included the outline face version and the color face version.  We are going to use the outline so students can color it however they choose.

In other news, I created a Facebook page for my store last night.  I decided it was time and hopefully this will be a positive step toward gaining followers.

Until next time!

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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Friday, September 13, 2013

stoplight vocabulary

I posted another item on TPT last night.  I didn't have time to blog about it because my laptop battery was dying and I didn't have my charger.

I posted my Stoplight Vocabulary worksheet.  I use this worksheet when I'm introducing new vocabulary words.  The students use the stoplight to show their prior knowledge of the words.  They color green if they know the word and can put it in a sentence or recite the definition.  Yellow is used for words that they have heard before but are unsure of the definition.  When words are brand new words to the students, they color the stoplight red.

Check out my store and download stoplight vocabulary for free if you think your students could use it!

-Techie Turtle Teacher
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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Math PPTs

I started adding math PPTs to my store a few weeks ago. I haven't posted them on my site yet, so I wanted to take the time to do so now.

I currently only have 3 PPTs (2 multiplication ones and one about triangles). I have more multiplication ones but haven't had a chance to add them to my store yet.

The first one is about classifying triangles by their angles and sides. It reviews triangles and then gives examples of isosceles, scalene, equilateral, right, obtuse, and acute triangles. The PPT includes a symmetry review at the end.

The second one is the complete number strategy for multiplication. It teaches the students how to use the complete number strategy to solve multiplication problems. The last slide provides practice problems for the students to try independently.

My final math PPT that is posted right now is the partitioning strategy for multiplication. It teaches the students how to use the partitioning strategy to solve multiplication. It follows the same format as the complete number strategy, with practice problems at the end for the students to complete independently.

You can find all these PPTs and more over at my TPT store. Please check it out. Hope you find something you can use!

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Turtle Classroom Noise Level Charts

I just created noise level charts that I'm going to use in my classroom this year. I posted them to my TPT store. I'm hoping this helps my students understand my noise expectations. We had a little trouble with that during the first week of school. A good teacher constantly reflects on how to make things better. This is my bright idea on how to make things better. That and changing seats will hopefully make next week go smoother.